Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celia and oversize Queenie Clutch on Inka Fesca photoshoot

 Queenie Clutch

Celia Clutch
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Nopai with our (customized) Gold Jade Clutch

one of our favorite customer, Novi (a.k.a Nopai) ordered a Gold Jade Clutch with additional request. she wanted a Gold Jade Clutch with a handle. so yes, we made one for her and glad that she loves it! :D

gorgeous Mom (Nopai) with customized Gold Jade Clutch & Daughter (Maika)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Women Wired Weekend

hi! sorry for the late late and late update! been busy preparing our 3rd collection and also, one of Bug-a-Bag's founders is getting married!! yeay!! :)

our 3rd collection is still on progress..we really hope that it will be ready soon.
But we still manage to receive orders though, so for those of you who like to have one (or more, we won't complain) of Bug-a-Bag's collections, just email us at! tell us which bag/clutch you like to have, what material you want to use (we have python skin, lamb skin, goat skin, cow skin, and else). and yes, we can ship overseas :) looking forward for your orders! ;)

So these are some photos we took while participating on Women Wired Weekend event. We decorated the stand by ourselves. It was fun! everyone seems to be attracted with Bug-a-Bag products! And Thank God we managed to sell quite a lot of our bags and clutches ;)
we also got quite a lot of orders since then. thanks to Women Wired Weekend! it was a great event!

phyton skin keychain

our python skin bags were the best seller during the event! :)

our 2nd collection catalogue

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Women Wired Weekend Event

Hey girls, we are participating in Women Wired Weekend bazaar, an event of  Female Daily
We'll be displaying our products, all seasons. And there will be a special price too!! 
So don't forget to come on 25-26th February 2012, at FX -Senayan. 
We'll be waiting for you! Great offers await you ;) 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Featuring InkaFesca at Jakarta Fasion Week 2011

Model with Gold Queenie Clutch

Model with Gold Vintage Clutch

Model with Ivy Clutch (second season)

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Jade Clutch (Lambskin)
idr (Rp. 1,350,000)
usd ($142)

idr (1,150,000)
usd ($120)

Ivy Clutch
idr (Rp. 985.000)
usd ($103)

Betty Clutch
idr (Rp. 925,000)
usd ($97)

Laurelle Clutch
idr (Rp. 1,100,000)
usd ($115)

Laurelle Clutch (Close Up)

Feel free to ask us for details and colors.
for order, email us at


our first season :

Bubblegum bags 
idr (Rp. 2,805,000)
usd ($295)

Bruna Bag in Red
idr (Rp. 2,340,000)
usd ($246)

Bruna Bag in Neutral
idr (Rp. 2,340,000)
usd ($246)

Lola Bag in Tangerine
idr (Rp. 2,340,000)
usd ($246)

Coco Clutch
idr (Rp. 1,105,000)
usd ($116)

Celia Clutch in Turquoise
idr (Rp. 925,000)
usd ($97)

Celia Clutch in Orange
idr (Rp. 925,000)
usd ($97)

Moon Bag in Yellow
idr (Rp. 2,805,000)
usd ($295)

Moon Bag in Neutral
idr (Rp. 2,805,000)
usd ($295)

Moon Bag in Neutral (close up)

Round Moon Bag in Neutral
idr (Rp. 2,430,000)
usd ($256)

Mixed Moon Bag (lambskin & python skin)
idr (Rp. 2,805,000)
usd ($295)

Clara Bag in Blue
idr (Rp. 2,430,000)
usd ($256)

Bumblebee Clutch in Black
idr ( Rp. 1,530,000)
usd ($160)

Bumblebee Clutch Colors

Round Moon Bag in Orange
idr (2,805,000)
usd ($295)

Feel free to ask us for details and colors.
for order, email us at